100+ MECHANICAL engineering INTERVIEW questions

100+ MECHANICAL engineering INTERVIEW questions

More than 100 interesting question and answers from various MECHANICAL engineering subjects – Get INTERVIEW ready !!

What you’ll learn

  • Interview/Viva/Important questions with proper explanatory answers from major mechanical engineering subjects.
  • Basic Mechanical Engineering (BME) – Explain the term torque,Explain different types of fits etc. (10+ questions)
  • Manufacturing & Material Science – Define pitting,Why is heat treatment of steel metal crucial etc. (20+ Questions)
  • Strength Of Material (SOM) – Define Buckling Factor,What is Stress Concentration etc. (10+ Questions)
  • Theory Of Machine (TOM) – What is gear ratio,What do you mean by cotter joint etc. (10+ Questions)
  • Automobile Engineering – What are the various types of brakes,What causes white smoke in two stroke locomotive engines etc. (10+ Questions)
  • Fluid Mechanics (FM) – What is a Newtonian fluid,Explain The Difference Between Rotational And Irrotational Flow etc. (15+ Questions)
  • Thermodynamics – What is the second law of thermodynamics,What is the difference between the heat engine & heat pump etc. (5+ Questions)
  • RAC & HMT – Explain mechanical refrigeration,What is heat transfer co-efficient etc. (15+ Questions)
  • Miscellaneous – What is the advantage of using pneumatic, Define least count etc. (10+ Questions)


  • Basic Physics – Density,Viscosity,Law of conservation of energy,Moment,Buoyancy,Moment Of Inertia etc.
  • Basic Mathematics – Differentiation,Integration,Partial differentiation,Logarithm etc.
  • Basic Mechanical Engineering – Welding,Crystal structure,Metal casting,Fe-C phase diagram,Stress & strain,P-V diagram etc.


Mechanical engineering final year students,graduates and even professionals, often stumbles to find a righteous guide towards acing their INTERVIEW or VIVA. I too as a student,gone through the same. In my 8+ years of industrial career,I have encountered numerous interviews and the ordeal that followed. So here is my effort to make it somewhat easy for you guys. I have compiled 100+ mechanical engineering INTERVIEW/VIVA questions which would surely help you out not only in acing interviews or viva, But also in strengthening your academics.

If you are a mechanical engineering final year/Pre-final year student,A graduate, Or even a working professional, This course is meant for you.

More than a hundred questions are discussed from the realm of mechanical engineering.The course is designed in such a way that most of the major subjects are covered as such –

  • Basic Mechanical Engineering (BME)
  • Manufacturing Science
  • Material Science
  • Strength Of Material (SOM)
  • Theory Of Machine (TOM)
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics (FM)
  • Thermodynamics
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC)
  • Heat & Mass Transfer (HMT) & Many more.

There are two answers for every question in the course –

  1. Explanatory Answer – Which contains relatively easy language & practical approach.
  2. Interview Answer – Bit theoretical (Boring) but can be considered apt while facing Interview/Viva.

The questions are divided into three levels – EASY,MEDIUM & HARD. However you might think a hard question as a easy one or vice-versa. In either case, You are always going to get one thing in return – KNOWLEDGE !!

PS – You will also get access to my book “100+ MECHANICAL engineering INTERVIEW questions” which is currently published on Amazon marketplace FREE of cost (The raw pdf format will be provided).

Who this course is for:

  • Pre-Final Year mechanical engineering students
  • Final year mechanical engineering students
  • Mechanical engineering graduates and professionals
  • Anyone from mechanical stream who wants to sharpen their interview skills
  • Students preparing for their practicals (Viva) in the mechanical engineering stream.

Course content

10 sections • 53 lectures • 2h 20m total length
  • Introduction
  • Basic Mechanical Engineering (BME)
  • Manufacturing & Material Science
  • Strength Of Material (SOM)
  • Theory Of Machine (TOM)
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics (FM)
  • Thermdynamics
  • RAC & HMT
  • Miscellaneous
Created by: J Aatish Rao, Mechanical engineering professional | Stargazing enthusiast
Last updated 3/2021
English [Auto]
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