[A Cloud Guru] AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty 2020

[A Cloud Guru] AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty 2020 free download - freecourseslab.com

Ace the AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification exam with ACG – no PhD in Mathematics needed!


Hello Cloud Gurus,

Your executive board members are asking you to do something with it. Your grandmother is asking you if it will put you out of a job. Your deadbeat college roommate is asking if you can help him find a date with it. Everyone seems to fuss over Machine Learning, but how many of us truly understand it? Too few.

Fortunately, ACG has your back yet again with a fresh course focused on helping you outsmart the new AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty. In typical ACG manner, we have created a course that confronts the potentially dull and boring topic of machine learning head-on with quirky and engaging lectures, interactive labs and plenty of real-world, plain-speak examples.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The domains of knowledge for the AWS Certified Machine Learning Speciality exam.
  • Best practices for using the tools and platforms of AWS for data engineering, data analysis, machine learning modeling, model evaluation and deployment.
  • Hands-on labs designed to challenge your intuition, creativity and knowledge of the AWS platform.

With this course you’ll get a solid understanding of the services and platforms available on AWS for Machine Learning projects, build a foundation to pass the certification exam and feel equipped to use the AWS ML portfolio in your own real-world applications.

Don’t just sit idly by, watching as robotic overlords take over the world. Create your own army of sentient machines and beat them at their own game! And keep being awesome, cloud gurus!

  • You will become familiar with the blueprint coverage and expectations of the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty exam
  • You will gain a solid understanding of the services and platforms available on AWS for machine learning projects.
  • You will build some background on how and why machine learning activities and concepts work in a practical sense.
  • You will be equipped with a level of comfort using the AWS ML portfolio in real-world use cases and applications.
  • Learners who want a solid understanding of machine learning services, platforms and tools available on AWS.
  • You must have an AWS account to attempt the labs.

Brock Tubre

I am an experienced software developer and technical instructor, with a passion for anything and everything cloud. Before joining ACG, I worked on enterprise software solutions for the US government. Building software and teaching the world to cloud are my professional passions, and I am excited to do both at ACG. When I am not researching, developing or teaching, I enjoy speed solving puzzle cubes (even blind solving), homebrewing craft beer and playing baseball.

Scott Pletcher

I’ve been in the IT field for over 27 years, most of which has been in technology leadership positions within large enterprises and global organizations. Working in the retail, apparel, footwear, automotive, manufacturing and professional services industries, I’ve served as Enterprise Architect, SAP Technical Director, Software Development Manager, IT Operations Manager, Agile Coach and Innovation Program Manager. I’ve also mentored dozens of prospective IT leaders through the years both in a formal leadership capacity and through volunteer work with local STEM programs. For the past 9 years, I’ve helped deliver enterprise-class architectures with AWS,…

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