Build desktop application using Tkinter and Python

Build desktop application using Tkinter and Python

Learn Tkinter from scratch, SqLite3, Pillow, Tensorflow (deploy DL model) , create an audio book and more.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to use GUI with python
  • Learn how to use Tkinter library
  • Transform an idea to an app
  • Using some sqlite
  • Using the pillow library
  • Draw on a Tkinter application (Canvas) using the mouse
  • Import pictures in an application
  • Convert pictures from png to jpg
  • Convert picture from jpg to png
  • Application that convert any pdf book into audiobook
  • Deploy your deel learning model in a Tkinter application


  • Some python knowledge


Hello everyone,

We know that Python became the most popular programming language and a lot of like to share his work with friends professors… But sometimes it is a little bit ugly to share a script instead of sharing something more accurate like a GUI that could be used by anyone.

So in this course, I will go with you step by step to show you how you can create a desktop application from scratch using Python and Tkinter. So for that, we will start by knowing the basics of Tkinter (even if you have never used it before) then we will start doing some projects so that you can add them to your portfolio.

For that, we will create a desktop application that converts PNG images into JPG using only Python functions then we will create an application that has the role of an audiobook so that you can share it with your friends and finally I will show you how you can deploy your deep learning model in a Tkinter application then you create an executable file for your application so that you can share it or put it in your portfolio.

And there more simple projects that may give you an idea about how to use the different tools available in Tkinter.

Hope to see you in class…

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners with python
  • Beginners with grafic user interface
  • Beginners with tkinter

Course content

9 sections • 50 lectures • 8h 9m total length
  • Introduction
  • Creation of the widget or the window
  • Filling the application
  • Additional packages that make the application better
  • create secondary windows
  • Databases to use for your application
  • Create an application that convert pictures from the png to jpg
  • Create you own audiobook
  • Deploy a deep learning model on a Tkinter application
Created by: Mokhtari Amine, Camputer vision master’s student
Last updated 3/2021
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