Drawing Cute Pets in Procreate | Kitten and Puppy


Learn to draw Cute Characters in Six Easy Steps like a Pro. Step by Step Demo from Basic sketch to Final Render.

Learn to draw Cute Characters through Step by Step Demos from Basic sketch to Final Render.

In this course , we will be drawing 2 cute characters , a Kitten and a Puppy.

We are going to go over every Detail, every Step, every Tool that is use to create the finished product, So that you can see how I go step by step from a complete beginner level basic sketch to a finished rendered painting.

The step by step method will work for Any layer-based applications Like Photoshop, Procreate and many more.

You need to have 3 things to go through this course smoothly.Any drawing TABLET , any STYLES , any Layer based Drawing SOFTWARE. If you don’t, then you might have a hard time re- creating the drawing.

I am Sure you will Love it .


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