JavaScript Master Class – Build your own React from scratch

JavaScript Master Class - Build your own React from scratch

Take your existing JavaScript Knowledge to the next level by coding your own React/ReactJS like library from scratch

What you’ll learn

  • ⭐Understand how virtual DOM works
  • ⭐Code your own React like library from scratch
  • ⭐Deeply understand what a functional and stateful component is
  • ⭐Understand life cycle methods and its use
  • ⭐Understand how setState works in React
  • ⭐Understand JSX
  • ⭐ Code your Own React Like Hooks with Vanilla JavaScript



Welcome ❤️  to early access of the JavaScript Deep Dive Course.

Treat this offer as a “One Time Investment” to all future updates.

Feel free to share any core Javascript topic that you want to see covered in this course.

The goal of the series is to master fundamentals using first principles. So, mostly we will be understanding things in depth and then implement libraries, frameworks etc. from scratch.

This course will teach you the inner working of Virtual DOM from fundamental perspective and also helps you write a minimal version of React like library from scratch.

The front end engineering course status blog is published on my medium blog.

The below is the broad agenda: 

  • ✅ Code your own React Hooks using Vanilla JavaScript
  • ✅ Understanding Closures
  • ✅ A deep overview into OOP using JavaScript
  • ✅ Understanding Virtual DOM
  • ✅ createElement (the core of vdom structure creation)
  • ✅ Native elements
  • ✅ Diffing native elements
  • ✅ Functional Components
  • ✅ Diffing functional Components
  • ✅ Props
  • ✅ Stateful Components
  • ✅ Diffing stateful components
  • ✅ Events
  • ✅ Refs
  • ✅ Keys
  • ✅ Life Cycle Methods

By the time you complete the course, you would have gained a great insight into JavaScript and also get a deeper understanding on how to build a small to medium size library/framework.

Special ❤️  to the team at Algorisys Technologies for the support in creating these contents.

Enjoy Coding!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to intermediate programmer

Course content

18 sections • 55 lectures • 7h 20m total length
  • What this course is all about?
  • Iteration 1 – Essentials of OOP in JS
  • OOPS Q & A
  • Iteration 2 – Understanding Virtual DOM and Diffing
  • A quick quiz to recap learning
  • Quick Introduction to JSX
  • Iteration 3 – Code your own React like Library – Rendering Native DOM Elements
  • Iteration 4 – Code your own React like Library – Functional Component
  • Iteration 5 – Code your own React like Library – Stateful Component
  • Iteration 8 – A Todo App using TinyReact Library
  • Iteration 9 – Keys
  • Iteration 10 – Additional features
  • Build a Simple JavaScript Hooks Library
  • Plans for further updates
  • Iteration 0 – JavaScript Quick Recap
  • Articles
  • More Library/Framework development tutorials – Bonus
  • Bonus Lecture – Coupon codes +
Created by: Rajesh Pillai, Founder at Algorisys Technologies and TekAcademy Labs
Last updated 9/2020
English [Auto]
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